A Package Deal In Colorado - Telluride

Colorado, Telluride, USA -

A Package Deal In Colorado - Telluride

When it comes down to resorts, Colorado is world famous for its ski and snowboard scene.  While a few of the resorts in the state may offer some of the hardest ski runs or sport the nicest restaurants, there is one town in Colorado that has a resort that can give you the whole package: Telluride, Colorado. Telluride combines the feel of a small, historic western ski town with the luxury of big mountain skiing. 
So, what makes Telluride unique?  Telluride offers a one-of-a-kind free gondola system. The gondola connects the town of Telluride to Mountain Village. Mountain Village is a European style ski village adjacent to the town of Telluride.  Skiers may access most of the lifts from Mountain Village, and the remainder of the lifts are accessible from the town itself. Visitors may experience the gorgeous views of the San Juan Mountains during the gondola’s eight-mile, a thirteen-minute trip from top to bottom.  People can even stop halfway up the gondola to get a lovely dinner with a view of the alpenglow in the box canyon that soars above the town of Telluride in the heart of the San Juan Mountain range.
The absolute best part about Telluride is the mountain itself.  The resort’s lack of superpipe or true intermediate freestyle terrain could be a con for park-lovers looking to visit the resort, however, there are still enough options at Ute Park and Hoot Brown Park for a lot of freestyle fun. There may not be a very large selection of beginner terrain compared to other popular resorts; however, Telluride contains a vast amount of beginner-friendly areas such as Meadows and the Sunshine Express. Instructors are a great option for beginners toward these to allow them to experience the mountain.
Telluride’s mountain allows skiers and boarders to experience many different types of terrain.  Those looking for an easy day of skiing can head over to some of the more mellow green and blue runs that weave throughout the massive ski homes. The longest green run, “Galloping Goose,” is just under five miles long, and lets skiers and boarders experience the entire mountain without the need of a lift.  These easier runs are great for families and beginners alike. Those who are more experienced can test their limits on the black and expert runs, for which Telluride has a great selection.  Ranging from groomed blacks to steep, challenging chutes, there is something for everyone looking for an adventure. Telluride also offers one of the steepest groomed black runs in the country, “Plunge.” This run takes you toward the base of Telluride, allowing skiers and boarders to experience a beautiful view of the town on their way down.
Telluride’s hike-to-terrain is one of the highlights of the mountain. The long hikes along the ridges of the mountain rewards skiers and boarders with some of the best in-bounds terrain in the country.  Hike to over 12,500 feet to the top of the mountain to experience runs such as “Gold Hill Chutes” and “Roy-Boy”. These runs send riders down steep, challenging chutes that will give even the best riders an adrenaline rush.  Other hike-to runs like Mountain Quail and Jackpot take less time to get to but are also are great for finding hidden powder stashes.  
 People may argue that an immense drawback of visiting Telluride is the location; however, getting to Telluride is not as hard as it seems.  Visitors fly into Montrose, Colorado and take a scenic hour and a half drive to the town.  It is becoming easier every year to fly to Telluride, with more flights to Montrose becoming available from cities across the country.
After a long day or skiing or snowboarding, there are a lot of great food options that surround the resort. The historic New Sheridan Hotel and saloon offer a feel of the old west along with world-class dining. For a more casual meal visit Brown Dog Pizza for some great pizza with enough TVs to see all your favourite sport teams play. Either way, order the Detroit pizza, it is a once in a lifetime experience. There are some great on-mountain dining options as well.  Get some crepes at The Polar Queen Express in Bon Vivant, or grab a quick bite with the views of Telluride’s box canyon at Giuseppe's Restaurant at the top of the Plunge Lift. You can also listen to live music and take the edge off at the bar in Gorronos under the Village Express to end your day.
Telluride is also famous for a numerous amount of festivals in the summer season. The Telluride Film Festival is their most famous event, bringing in popular movies such as Oscar-nominated “Room” and “Lady Bird “. Actors and visitors flock to the town in the summer to view this unique festival. Along with movies, there are also several popular music festivals.  Telluride’s Bluegrass Festival and Blue and Brews Festival are just a few festivals that bring in famous musicians such as Robert Plant and Mumford and Sons to perform.
All in all, Telluride has some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country. Whether you are testing your limits on the hike-to terrain runs or taking it easy on the groomed runs, there is no losing here. Telluride is truly a world class experience that everyone will love.



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