The best Après Bar in the World!

Après, Austria, Mooserwit -

The best Après Bar in the World!

It's the Mooserwirt in St Anton!

If you think there is a better place in the world to do après than call me a liar, lock me up and throw away the key. This place starts warming up around 3 pm, by 4 pm it's hot, by 5 pm it's on fire. Music pumps to euro songs I have no idea what they are singing, but you somehow get into it. Every 3 pm starts the same as the day before. The Final Countdown is played and it's game on mofos.

I was sitting down at the table when a woman who could have been my mother tells me that there are fines if you are sitting down at the table, get up and dance.

So that's just what you do, drink hard and dance on tables. There is a quieter section inside, but why would you come to après to sit down. GET UP!

This place gets unbelievably packed out, but it just works. The waiters carry trays of drinks in excess of 15+ beers and shuffle somehow through the crowd like Moses parting the red sea. So flagging someone down and getting a beer and a jager bomb is no worries. Here is a pic of a light carry.

Outside is where the fun is, go inside and it's like entering a euro discotech. The crowd inside is just as rowdy as outside and it's non stop. If you like a good time and a sing along with people who just want to get drunk and have a good time this is the place.

The location! Sure it's beautiful and it's about 500m up the mountain, but getting down is the hard part. When you have downed all the beer you can consume, clip in and ride. That part can be a bit difficult, oh and it's all in the dark. So if you are worried about that, you can get a taxi back into town. But why? 



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