Does Japan get the most snow?

Does Japan get the most snow?

Powder, Powder, Powder!!!. Powder, Powder, Powder. Well, you already get it. If the powder is what you are hunting, then Niseko is your place. Widely regarded as some of the best powder in the world for quality.

With such great snow comes a price, you won't see much of the sun in Niseko, but who cares when you are addicted to the white stuff, you are not there to get a European goggle tan. You want to get balls deep. And here is the place to do it. 

The mountain is not steep, and that is a bit of drawback if you are in to the extreme like a Chamonix double diamond run. But, If you are into tree runs, this is your place. They have no leafs, they are spread out and its a dream gliding through them. The only issue is the amount of powder build up, so when turning, be sure to give yourself some time. This place is deep!

The main village, it's a night mountain and closes at 10 pm (weather permitting), so if you want to give it a shake at Wild Bill's every night, you can get up mid-afternoon and shred into the night.

Now this place gets really cold, and expect it to be around -15 Celsius/ 5 Fahrenheit on a good day it will be -5 Celsius/ 23 Fahrenheit.

You cannot get up on the mountain without a neck gator, and make sure it covers your mouth. Such an investment as there are so much wind and their dry temps will make you feel like you are eating wood chips if you don't have something covering up.

The main area in Grand Hirafu and that is where you need to base yourself. The next place if you are looking for somewhere different would be Annupuri, more of a challenging mountain and some good off-piste. Third would be Hanazono, not challenging at all, so good if you got kids, but this area is quite flat, and if you are a boarder, you may find yourself unclipping a bit. 

It's an awesome mountain, but base yourself in the centre of Grand Hirafu and venture out to the other parts when you get bored of powder, as if. Enjoy trendsetters.



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