Finding Your Next Ski Destination In Australia

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Finding Your Next Ski Destination In Australia

Australia is home to some of the Southern Hemisphere’s finest ski destinations, but which one reigns supreme? New South Wales features some of the top resorts on the continent with Perisher and Thredbo leading the way. There are more than just these two resorts though, as Victoria is also home to a couple ski destinations as well. Resorts like Mount Buller, Falls Creek, and Hotham Alpine Resort lead the charge in Victoria and bring in plenty of visitors each year.

However, when looking at the premier ski destination in Australia, most people make an argument for Perisher.

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Perisher has gained lots of recognition in recent years due to the acquisition from Vail Resorts. The largest ski resort in Australia is now on the Epic Pass, which has helped attract valuable international visitors. The amount of snowfall Perisher receives isn’t on the level of some of Vail’s other resorts, but there are plenty of other attractions for visitors.

Perisher features the highest chairlift in Australia, with the Mt. Perisher Double Chair reaching an impressive 2,034m (6,673ft). Not only is this the highest chairlift in Australia, but it also offers some of the best terrains in the Snowy Mountains. In addition to this, the terrain off of Guthega Peak and Mt. Blue Cow provides for some pretty epic skiing.  With an average of 190cm of snowfall each season, Perisher brings in visitors from all over the world.

Whether you’re visiting Perisher from close to home or internationally, there is something for everyone. Between the four main areas - Perisher Valley, Blue Cow, Smiggin Holes, and Guthega – there is 3,000 acres of skiable terrain, all interlinked with each other.

Smiggin Holes has great terrain for beginners and those just starting out. Perisher Valley has more for the intermediate skier, with plenty of blue runs and trails that cruise all the way down to the base. Additionally, the Front Valley features one of Perisher’s five terrain parks and Australia’s only Superpipe. With plenty of extra snow activities as well, the Front Valley is an exciting place to be for families and kids of all ages. For the more advanced skier, you’ll want to move out of the Front Valley and make your way over to Guthega and Blue Cow.  As I mentioned before, Guthega Peak and Mt. Blue Cow offer some of the best skiing in the Snowy Mountains.

Unique to Perisher is some of the world-class infrastructures they have in place. Getting up and down the mountain can be a breeze if you purchase the Skitube add-on to your pass.

With the Epic Pass, it’s easy to add the Skitube for only $125 – avoiding the National Park Annual Pass. Since Perisher is located in Kosciuszko National Park, visitors will have to pay for a $190 park pass just to drive their car up to the base of the mountain and it's only for day use, so that option is there if you are staying in Jindabyne. Instead, the Skitube departs from Bullocks Flat where you can hop on and be at Perisher Valley in less than 15 minutes. This option will save you money on the park pass as well as fuel for your car - making it an easy decision. Plus, there’s no hassle on the Skitube and you can just sit back and enjoy the ride up to the mountain.

If you’re heading to Perisher this season, make things easy on yourself and add the Skitube to your pass. This will allow you the ultimate freedom on your trip where you can enjoy all of the amenities Perisher has to offer.

With all this talk about Perisher and why it’s arguably Australia’s best ski resort, I highly recommend making it down there this season. With one of their best starts in 18 years, the early season skiing and riding have been incredible so far.

Perisher reported 71cm of snow over three days just last week, and the conditions have been great ever since. With all four main areas currently open and at least 32 lifts operating, this season looks to be very promising. If you’re looking for the premier ski destination in Australia, Perisher is definitely a safe bet and likely to be a worthwhile experience for any level of skier/snowboarder.

 If you want to find your limit in the Southern Hemisphere this season, then you can’t go wrong with Perisher. The Epic Pass makes it easier than ever to get access to all 3,000 skiable acres that Perisher offers. Whether you’re a beginner on vacation or an advanced skier/snowboarder looking to challenge yourself, Perisher has something for everyone. With some of the best early season conditions in two decades going on right now, Perisher is the place to be if you’re looking to get some days in Down Under.



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