The Best Resort From Banff

Banff, Canada, Lake Louise -

The Best Resort From Banff

Lake Louise can be quite deceiving when you look at the trail map. It’s a lot bigger than first thought. Most people go to Sunshine as this is closer to Banff and people will tell you how it’s a better mountain, but don’t believe them. LL comes out on top hands down.

As this is a bit out in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the Canadian Rockies, you are limited to any village life. The best area to stay is in Banff which is a 45min drive on a good day. If you are coming from Calgary, bank in 2.5hrs to the journey.

For me, Whistler gets top gong in Canada, LL rates in the top 5 for shizzle. The terrain is vast and when it pows its light. Not champagne like in Japan, but this place will dry out so it's getting close.

There is something special about being on LL. The scenery beats most. You have views back to Lake Louise, it’s a long distance, but still there. You can see the very expensive and exclusive Fairmont. Not my ideal, as I want some village action, but if you are hard core and like to drop a bomb, it’s your huckleberry.

Now, like I mentioned on the mountain being bigger than first thought, many trail maps are deceiving. It’s spread out over four faces. So It’s up one face, down the back of another face and up again which makes for some interesting and varied terrain for all levels and about 30% of the mountain is for advanced, so be sure not to take on some parts alone.

Off the back of the Larch Express there is a gate where you can do a good boot pack up to the top of Larch which will keep the legs burning and you will be able to Find You Limit here.

If you froth for double diamonds, then head up the Top oF the World Express Chair and hike the ridge or get the Summit Platter T-Bar, but off the back here you will Find Your Limit real quick. So make sure you have all the right avi gear, no matter what the conditions.


If you are looking for big terrain parks, this is not your place, head to Whistler. But for freeriding, freestyle and some awesome off-piste, this place has it on a platter.

On a final note is the lift system. The lines they can handle and you push through fast. This includes a high-speed quad that can whisk you to the Top of the World in under ten minutes, you can access the Back Bowls with unlimited long tree-lined powder runs if that is what you are after, but remember, don’t look at the tree or you will become a part of it. The reason why LL is so cold and dry due to its altitude (top elevation 8,652 feet, base 5,400 feet), so be prepared with the right layers, get a jacket that is suitable to layers up and down. 

Enjoy Trendsetters.




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