One of the best resorts in Colorado

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One of the best resorts in Colorado

One of the best resorts in Colorado, well no surprise it's Vail. For the glitz and glam head to Aspen, but for a connected mountain with everything you need in one village, this is your spot.   

Vail is one of the better mountains you will find in Colorado. We haven't been to them all, but trust me this is not one to miss. The glitz and glamour get associated with Aspen, and you notice that when you see all the private jets at the airport. People are more worried about saying they went to visit Aspen than hitting the slopes. 

Getting here is easier than most. As long as you fly into Eagle County Airport. There is an airport about a 30min transfer so getting here is easy and with a short transfer, this is a massive bonus or its a 2hr trip to Denver. 

Vail is a huge mountain; Vail gets heaps of pow with its high altitude and being in the Rockies. Vail is interlinked with the whole mountain and Eagles Nest which is important. Why ride the bus when you can be riding the mountain!

There is a huge front face, then you drop over the back and then it rises again for another mountain face of terrain. So when you look at the train map, I don't think it does the place justice. If you are here for a week, you will struggle to do every run. Then there is the off-piste, so much to get yourself into trouble. 


Vail is an awesome resort, but it always depends on what you are looking for.

The only thing for us that brings the place down is it doesn't have the village life like other big mountains. Well, that is no wild Apres or bars. Sure you can get a drink, but the place is more on the relaxed side of village life.

It's very family friendly, and if that's what you are looking for, Vail is your best bet. If you want to mix up your trip with some wild nights, make sure to come when some of the big events are on.


But when you take it all in, most of the time this makes sense.  When you have such a high mountain, you rip in every day. It's a bad feeling when you're hungover and don't make it on the mountain, and you find out there was a fresh dump of pow. The mountain is a massive drawcard.

If you have some non-skiers in your group, they will be able to keep themselves busy. But why come to the big mountains, if you don't want to get on top!


ONE: Stay near Gondola One on the mountain. It is a better experience than the other side of village life and great lift access.

TWO: If you are looking for an easy transfer from the airport, contact CME (Colorado Mountain Express)

THREE: Make sure you get all the way to the back side of the mountain to the back bowls, here you can find your limit, so much more terrain than what you see on the trail map

 Get off the beaten track, there is some great off-piste terrain around if you want to get away from the crowds and find your limit



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