The Battle of Alberta

Banff, Canada, Sunshine Village -

The Battle of Alberta

There is an age-old debate. Sunshine Vs Lake Louise. There is no such thing as Banff Mountain and a lot of people get these two confused. Well, don’t.

Most people stay in Banff or Canmore and make the trek out each day. Sunshine is the closer of the two mountains and a 20min drive from Banff, it gets the most about of visitors, the most votes, so more people will tell you that Sunshine is better and probably never been to Lake Louise.

Do remember that it’s the closest to Calgary as well, so hitting this in peak season and weekends can be very crowded.

Well, here is the verdict, it’s not as good, but you are almost comparing apples with apples. The scenery coming out of Sunshine on a sunny day rivals the best, but you are not entirely here to see the sky, you are here to get into the powder if you can.

There is a lot a varied terrain at Sunshine, encompasses 3 mountains, Goat's Eye, Standish, and Lookout, with 12 lifts. It’s a fair size mountain, and getting between them is not the easiest, but they are all interconnected which helps. Sitting on buses is not the way to ride between mountains.

In terms of terrain, its rating:

  • 22% Beginner
  • 31% Intermediate
  • 47% Advanced

For snow quality, there is a big benefit this place gets is being so close to the clouds at 8,954 makes sure that you can get that champagne powder we all dream about.

It’s just such a shame there is no village life. They do have one lodge, and if you are hardcore, this is our place, but this is where places like Whistler come much more into play.

In saying that if you are OK with a 20min commute each day, the town of Banff packs a punch in terms of a town. There is more than enough to wet the whiskers, shop like an ex-wife or eat like a fat kid on a cupcake.


If you are into the backcountry, this is a place to get your transceiver, probe shovel, and most important a partner and get out there. If you don’t know, DON’T go. You also must have a transceiver to enter!

Looking to Find Your Limit? Then make sure you tackle Delirium Drive. It works out the pretenders real quick.

Get the Continental Divide Express Chair to the top and access the backcountry gate from there. Boom! If that is closed, be sure to get over to the Goats Eye Express Quad and make the trek right off the chair, you can pick your adventure and drop in point. More than enough to get the hair standing up on your back.

If the backcountry doesn’t tickle your fancy, there is a good-sized terrain park on Lookout Mtn, which you can play in all day if that is what you are after.

Enjoy Trendsetters




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