The Best Ski Resort in Europe

Austria, St Anton -

The Best Ski Resort in Europe

The place where it all happens - St Anton

The main part of St Anton starts from the Galzigbahn. Get this lift up and when you arrive you will be at the central part of the mountain. You can board off down to St Christoph and connect down to Rauz as well. Most of the terrain is around this region so you will be fine. 

The easier part of the mountain is at the top of Kapallbahn. If you have an intermediate in your group, might be best to start them off in this part of the mountain which you can access from the Nassereinbahn. From here is the best eating in all of St Anton, this is for mountain food. 

A tip for snowboarders, do not worry about getting up the Vallugabahn, it's the highest point on the mountain. The cable car can take up to 40min to get to the top; this is taking into consideration the lineup and the travel, there are only two cars, and it can take a while. This is the place for skiers to find their limit. So much terrain to test yourself.

Once you are there, it's much more suited for Skiers as borders will have to unclip a lot to get across, and you can only get out via a T-Bar. So unless you have some time to spare I would not recommend doing this, there is so much more fun to be had elsewhere. 

If you are looking to find your limit in the terrain park, then you have to head to STANTON Park which is on the other side of St Anton, Rendl. By the other side, I mean over the other side of the railroad tracks. You can catch the lift over from the main part of town very close to the Galzigbahn. This part of the mountain is called Rendl. This part of the mountain will keep you happy for a day at the most. If you are into your terrain parks, I bet you will be coming back


St Anton and its surrounding mountains are some of the best you will find in Austria. The Arlberg area is massive compared to most (not even including the off-piste areas) and a top altitude of 2,811 m. This is massive when comparing to other resorts in the region. To break this down it's about 350 km of groomed and 200 km off piste. 

There is so much off piste in this region, so when looking at the map, trust me there is a lot to explore when you are feeling a bit adventurous. If you are going to do this, never be alone, if you want to get really extreme, get a guide who will hook you up with all the safety equipment you need. The best areas to Fin Your Limit for off piste is on Rendl. Get a guide if you don't know the mountain. You can do this without skinning and boot packing if you have an OK level of fitness. 

The longest downhill run is 8.5 km with a vertical drop of 1,350 m via the Ulmer Hutte to St. Anton am Arlberg.

Now, if you are looking to find your limit on how many beers you can consume, be sure to drop into the Mooserwirt for some Apres.

This place is wild! Dancing on tables is almost mandatory and taking your clothes off is encouraged. Just be sure that when you are boozed up and the 80s/90s discotech music stops, you still have to get down the mountain. It's not too far. About 800m, but full of jungle juice and confidence high. You just might find your limit. 

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