What's best resort in North America?

Canada, Whistler -

What's best resort in North America?

I don't like being bias. But Whistler is hands down the best mountain in Nth America. To date. 

A lot of people that don't know Whistler don't know that there is Blackcomb Mountain that interconnects with Whistler and is the same size, well almost, Whistler has it by size, and that is why the name comes first. Not the other way around. 

Since the Peak2Peak Gondola opened up in 2008, these two mountains are even more accessible than ever before. You can access Blackcomb from Whistler village, ski into Whistler from Blackcomb.

The consensus is that Blackcomb is for boarders and Whistler is more for skiers. It goes back many years when only Blackomb would allow boarders and Whistler turned it's back. Those days should be gone, but it's there. Terrain parks are on both mountain and challenging terrain for both parties. It's a close call, but Whistler might just edge out in front. 

The one thing that will keep people coming back here time and time again is how accessible the mountain is. You take a place like Aspen that has four mountains, but each of them you have to get on a bus to connect, and they are not short rides. You have Niseko that is the best powder in the world, but you don't have the challenging terrain and also not a massive mountain. Some of the best in Europe is St Anton, bit for sheer size Whistler is no comparison.

When it comes to finding your limit, there are options if you don't want to head into the backcountry. There is the Blackcomb glacier which you can access of the showcase T-Bar. A short five minute hike and you can drop into a line. It's a marked run and doable for the advanced rider. But you are looking for next level. You can hike the ridge, but it doesn't get much better. Your best bet is to get over to Whistler, ride the Symphony Express, ride Jeff's Ode to Joy until you can see the path that will take you up the flute bowl. Here you can pick your adventure and literally find your limit. The higher you go, the higher the stakes. It's all about finding your limit. Here is the bowl of choice. Don't be a wanker. Ride with a mate, have your avalanche gear, check it at the point and ride that bowl. It's your natural high!!!

Also if you are into tree runs, then this is by far your Nirvana, this place has runs that will keep you coming back, so be careful, ride hard and also wear a helmet when taking on the logs, They don't have much give when you hit them. 

Finally, if you are looking to find your limit off the mountain and hit the apres. Whistler is not the place. From 3:30 to 7:00 it's family time and some people having casual drinks. If you want wild Apres, head to Europe. The best bar is Merlins on Blackcomb, but that changes by the day. The night scene warms up after 9 pm and is red hot by 1 am. The go to bars are Tapleys, Crystal Lounge or Cinnamon Bear to start, then it changes depending on what night it is from Moe Joe's, Tommy Africa's or Buffalo Bills. Enjoy trendsetters, rip it up on and off the mountain.  

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