Let's clear up one thing before we get into anything. The name DRÍFA is pronounced Dah-ree-FER. It's from Iceland and means Fall Of Snow. Are we doing Men's Ski Jackets, or is it Men's Snowboard Pants. We are neither. There is no need to be one or the other. We have designed our range to for ski and snowboarding. Also, it's not just for men, some woman like the fit, so is 2019, let's not get into that.   

Now, have you always wanted to get better, but couldn’t due to limited time, or that thought of an injury you just can’t shake?

So, what did we do? We decided to change the industry! We made a range of outerwear that no one else has done. Why? Well, first we got a patent so no one would steal our idea.

People who don’t do what we do think that snow is soft. Yes, sometimes we get that pow, but when you hit hard packed, it hurts. When we fall, we are pushing ourselves, and there is no better feeling than finding your limit.

When we fall hard, we hurt most on missing out on pow. Our range is made to make the most of every pow day that comes our way!

Our final note. This range is for men and woman skiers and snowboarders who want to progress, push and find their limit. It’s been made with tough love. 

No Falls, No Balls.