Let's clear up one thing before we get into anything. The name DRÍFA is pronounced Dah-ree-FER. And, it's origin comes from Iceland meaning Fall Of Snow. 

Now, Have you always wanted to get better, but couldn’t due to limited time on the mountain, or that thought of an injury you just can’t shake?

Helmets have been the best thing to have ever caught on in snow sports. 10 years ago, they were uncool. Now, it’s something everyone wears on the mountain unless you’re riding like a little bitch! 
So, what did we do? We decided to change the industry! Just like wearing a helmet. We made a range of outerwear that no one else has done. Why?

We did it because we wanted to progress. We have made a range that is spec'd up to the max and included removable pads that looks the business.
Oh, and we cut out so much bulk in regular padding, so you won't look like you are wearing a diaper.
Have you ever hit a tree on one of those epic runs where the closer you get the more you feel alive. Only thing is, trees don’t move. We were riding with injurys we picked up that came from not covering up. So, you’re either nursing that injury, or wearing some pads to cover your hip. So, we included left and right removable hip pads! Throughout years of progression, we’ve had broken arms, wrists and the worst a tailbone. That is going to have you sitting on a doughnut cushion like this for months before you can sit properly again.
It's not cool cruising around town with this under your arm.
Don't even try to imagine the pain of going to the toilet for a #2.

Falling over forwards is one of the worst feelings.
It happens from time to time. Once you have done it once and not broken your wrist, you then know to fall on your elbows.

This pain goes right up to your shoulders and there is no stopping that. So, what did we do? We put removable pads in the elbows.
It cushions that first impact and has a direct impact on everything else that is happening to your body. They are also great when you are cutting that tree line and clip your elbow on the trunk!

People who don’t do what we do think that snow is soft. Yes, sometimes we get that pow, but when you hit hard packed, it hurts. When we fall, we are pushing ourselves, and there is no better feeling than finding your limit.

When we fall hard, we hurt ourselves, there is no worse feeling than missing out on pow pow. Our range is made to make the most of every pow day that comes our way!

Our final note. This range is for people who want to progress, push and find their limit. It’s been made with tough love. We would not have got it this far if it wasn’t for all the broken bones and bruises.
So when you see someone out there rocking our gear, know that these are the people who progress the sport, and know they are going hard.

No Falls, No Balls.