Find Your Limit® - How It All Started

The idea to start DRÍFA was in Levi, Finland. I also had to land on a Nordic name as this is where it all started for me. I ended up with DRÍFA which is Nordic for "fall of snow"

Towards the end of any trip, confidence goes up, jumps get bigger and the falls hurt more. I wanted to buy some protection shorts to progress faster and decided they were too expensive, it's an extra layer, so I put up with the pain.

That wasn't the best move and thought, what if I could include protection in outerwear, have it removable, and not bulky like most? It has never been done in the industry, so it was time to get a patent and start designing.

In this world where we are all trying to progress, removable protection has not been done before in outerwear. Ten years ago wearing a helmet was rare, now everyone has one, and look at where skiers and snowboarders have progressed because of this. 

I want to inspire skiers and snowboarders all over the world to progress, get the best out of themselves and not have fear. 

I want to introduce more people into this sport by way of removing that fear of falling. 

Over 15 years of chasing pow all over the world. I just can’t get enough, and always looking to see what I can accomplish on the mountain.

My company mantra is Find Your Limit. Through doing what I love, I hope that you can find yours. 

See you on the mountain,

James Horstman


Photo - Thredbo Backcountry