Q: How quick can you get my gear to me?

A: Quick

Approximate Delivery Times:

USA / Canada West Coast 2 Days
USA / Canada East Coast 3 Days
UK / Europe 3 Days
New Zealand 2 Days
Australia - Next Day

Q: When you say warranty! Break this down for me….

A: We back our products and the workmanship that we have put into this. It’s going to hold together. Our warranties are based on the workmanship. If you rip this from hitting rocks, or you catch a tree branch while bombing it down, there is not much that is going to save that garment. You can send us your jacket or pant and we will either fix it or replace it. 

Q: What if I got the size wrong and I need to return?

A: No worries, we all make mistakes. Drop us an email at customer.service@drifa.com Just let us know what you want to do. 

Q: What are these pads about?

A: The pads are the protection built into all our garments, but it is also removable. We have sewn in pouches that house each piece and can be removed and placed back in. For our jackets, we have placed this on each elbow. In our pants, we have a removable Tail Pad and two Hip Pads. 

Q: What are your pads made out of?

A: Everyone has their secrets, and we have developed ours out of New Zealand working with Rugby players. They take the hardest hits, and we have used a similar compound used in their headgear. We changed this up to work at -30ºC/-22 ºF to keep you protected under the most extreme conditions.


Q: What if you guys are sold out of what I want, and the garment I’m trying to exchange is not in my size?

A: Well, this will be due to our popularity, and being popular is not all that it’s cracked up to be. But we will help you out. We will take back your garment that is not the right size, and you can exchange it for something else in the store. Drop us an email at customer.service@drifa.com Just let us know what you want to do. 

Q: What if I don’t like what I purchased

A: This would be as rare as seeing a unicorn. We will happily exchange your goods for something else in the store. We can also arrange a credit for next time you want to buy from us. Drop us an email at customer.service@drifa.com Just let us know what you want to do.

Q: I hate waiting for shopping. Sure I hate retail shopping, but the waiting is painful, no matter how quick you say. I want my gear now! As in yesterday.

A: Word, we hate it too. We dabble in online shopping ourselves, and that waiting time is killer. By knowing the pain, we have partnered up with DHL Express. Emphasis on EXPRESS. Our partners tell us they can get a package anywhere in the world in four days, most times sooner. Once your order is complete, you will get your tracking number, and you can watch it come to you.

Q: OK, I have got my tracking number. Where are my goods? I’m checking my front door every 30min

A: Chill Winston. Check your email we sent. This will have your DHL tracking number. Visit http://www.dhl.com.au/en/express/tracking pop it in and see where it’s at. 

Q: F^%K. I was not at home when the DHL delivery person came. I’m annoyed.

A: This sucks, you have been waiting for days. And you have to wait just a little longer to rock out in your new gear. They will have left a paper slip behind. On this will be a Waybill number. Visit www.ondemand.dhl.com and place this in. You can get the package re-directed to a place of your choice.