Tab - Chough Two Layer Jacket

  • This waterproof snowboard and ski jacket is rated at 20K waterproof, and 20K breathability made to Japanese standard. Designed to keep you dry under heavy rain for short periods of time.
  • Insulation, we placed in high quality 40 g/m2 for body and 40 g/m2 in the arms to be exact. It’s designed for conditions that are going to drop to -10°C/14°F. Providing you are remaining active, and you have layered up. You have the option here of choosing a lighter second layer, as we have you there with the insulation.
  • The Chough is fully seam sealed to the highest of standards. Most ski and snowboard jackets on the market don't offer this. You would have to cut it open if you don’t believe us, but no need for that, trust us. We got you covered.
  • We have put in some nylon cuffs with thumb holes. Ninja style to keep you warm on the mountain. They are also loose enough to not be noticed. 
  • The waterproof zippers are the highest of quality sourced from YKK AquaGuard®. Look closer at these, and you will notice these will withstand a lot of rain before the water passes through.
  • We have also included high-quality removable protection in the elbows. Snow might be soft at times, but trees and rocks are unforgiving. If you don’t want it there on the day, you can take it out.

In all our snowboard and ski jackets, we included removable prrotection into the elbows. Its placed into a pouch, and you can add and remove as much as you like