Tab - Shetland Tech Long Tee


We have created this moisture wicking t-shirt to be used as a second layer when it gets real cold, but can also be a first layer in shoulder season.

We don’t like to make a tech t-shirt with cotton. When you are on the slopes, you want to be wearing polyester. More on that here. It used to get a bad rap, but its back baby. Why? Well, it doesn’t retain sweat and water like cotton does. Polyester will wick away the moisture better than cotton ever will and with DRÍWICK technology used, it’s shorter drying times. This means you can stay warmer on the mountain and even cooler at Après when you take your jacket off!

We included spandex. Depending on how you like to wear your clothes, we have made this to be worn a bit loose. You are moving around a lot and we have created this so you don’t feel like you are wearing another skin.