Replacement Elbow Protection - Pro

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In all our jackets, we included removable protection into the elbows. Its placed into a pouch, and you can add and remove as much as you like.

If you are looking for a set that will absorb the bigger falls and impact, then go for the pro model. 

We have increased density for the pro athlete in mind. If you are looking to find your limit and want to stay protected. Include the pro model protection. 

We have designed the padding to move into place when you fall and to be better positioned to take the hit. 

Our search for the right materials lead us to New Zealand, where the toughest game in the world is played. Rugby. The only protection they use is on their head. Working with the same technology, we have produced lightweight and durable padding, but modified it to perform under the coldest of conditions. It does get cold on a Rugby field, but we have tested this under temperatures of -30ºC/-22 ºF, and our protection will function as normal. To evolve in snowsports, you need to take the falls. We have designed our garments for the person who wants to go to that next level.